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As the public awareness of Kratom has grown and various distributors have added it to their homeopathic product-line, some "strains" have become fairly common and recognizable in the industry. These strain names were created or chosen according to a wide range of factors, such as actual geography / production area, physical appearance, or estimations of grade and potency. Some Kratom strains are more accepted than others as representing actual qualitative differences, whereas some are little more than commercial sales pitches.

Here is a list of some of these strains:

Most "premium" Kratom is stronger than commercial grade Kratom with "enhanced" Kratom or "extracts" having a higher alkaloid content even in smaller amounts. "Bali" and "Malay" Kratom are widely sold, and are usually amoung the less expensive strains of Kratom. Although not one of the stronger strains, they tend to be more diverse as they have been said to be both energizing and sedating depending on the amount with stimulant and euphoric properties noted at any amount. Their effects also tend to last longer than other strains with "Malay" being a common "mixer" to help extend the benefits of stronger strains.

"Thai" Kratom, "Maeng Da" Kratom and most enhanced strains or extracts are said to be more potent and more sedative.

There are also other kinds of Kratom, grown and harvested in other areas of Southeast Asia. The best way to find your way inside Kratom grades and strains is really to trust a respectable, and well known vendor.


There are several strains of Kratom available, and new strains seem to pop up on the market all of the time.  In reality, these new strains are usually nothing more than the same commercial grade kratom, re-branded for a new company. Be sure to buy Kratom from a trusted source as counterfeit or extremely low-quality Kratom is widely sold throughout the US.


Users report that Bali Kratom becomes euphoric and relaxing at higher amounts, while it allows for a more stimulating effect with smaller amounts.  Bali Kratom is often mislabeled and quality varies greatly.


Malaysian Kratom ("Malay") is reported to be almost identical to Kratom originating from Bali. It has been seen as both energizing and sedating depending on the amount used. It tends to be one of the longer-acting of the Kratom strains.


Indo Kratom is said to be the more relaxing of the strains. Users note a more calming effect than most strains indicating a reduction in stress with the added benefit of pain relief."Indo" is one of the most widely sold strains with some enhanced brands such as "Super Indo" and "Ultra Enhanced Indo".


Thai Kratom effects are said to be energizing and less euphoric while providing the same pain-relieving properties users find in most Kratom strains. Quality can vary greatly among domestic distributors as it is the most widely "re-branded" strain of Kratom.


(Thai) Maeng Da Kratom is translated as "pimp's grade" Kratom and is believed to be a genetically enhanced version of "Thai" originating from Thailand. It is the strongest Kratom strain available today. According to users, "Maeng Da" is less euphoric than other strains, but it is praised for its energizing effects. Although it has a shorter duration than other Thai strains, it is one of the strongest and therefore, most popular strains. 

Kratom is organic. It's aroma is said to be longer-lasting and a cheaper alternative to energy drinks with an added pain-relieving benefit. Unsure what strain is for you? Check out our products page to read about our strains and custom Fusions or send us an e-mail through our "Contact Us" page. We'd be happy to talk to you about this amazing herb. 

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